SCEA Home Man Is Grumpy

Just when you think things have turned around with Sony and Home, and news of a new cool patch surfaces, somebody, somewhere has to have a moan.  You wouldn’t expect it to be a Sony representative, though, would you? Well, “Home Manager” CydoniaX isn’t happy with TedTheDog’s new found openness, and has taken it upon himself (assuming he’s a boy) to set the previously quite wobbly record straight with regards to SCEA’s view on all this.

“Yes, we are also getting the 1.21 update this Thursday,” he says. “We have not yet announced this in the forums or posted our notes because it was previously agreed upon with other regions to coordinate this sort of information sharing to avoid situations exactly like this one.”  Why he feels there’s a need to ‘hide’ this sort of information is beyond us.


“Tedthedog is great at communicating with the EU community, but also needs to make sure he lets us know he’s doing it. ” Continues CydoniaX. “We’ve all discussed this and we’re cool. But this kind of thing won’t be happening again if we can help it.”  So what, Ted’s no longer allowed to let us know in advance if a patch is coming?

And on the topic of different content in Home for different territories, he says that “yes, it’s true that SCEJ and SCEE will release things that we don’t, and vice versa. Every region has its own business deals, developers, etc and it can be extremely difficult to get legal agreement for cross-regional deals. So if you are an SCEA Home user, it’s not the best idea to be going to SCEE or SCEJ forums for your information about Home.”

It’s almost like they don’t want our American friends taking a peak at all the smashing stuff we’ve got in the European version of Home.  “We don’t condone global travel or wearing items in SCEA that users obtained through creating accounts in EU or Japan. The fact that many people have figured out how to go around this is not something that we plan to either condone or punish. That said, I can tell you that all regions agree that this needs to stop.”

“The bottom line is that SCEA Home is SCEA Home. You should think of it as its own entity and not be focusing on what other regions have. The same goes for SCEE and SCEJ Home. I know we gamers love our rewards and trophies and exclusive items, but you shouldn’t be focusing on what other regions have and you don’t to the point where you’re blind to all the awesome stuff you ARE getting. Like picture frames!”

Yeah!  We’re getting picture frames!  What’s that now, only two years late?  I AM JUMPING FOR JOY. But when?  Tell us when?  “Picture frames won’t be available yet with the 1.21 update,”  says CydoniaX.  Oh, right.  “You will hear more about them very soon, we promise.”

Link: xzero1299-PR