Retro Killzone Map Pack Announced

Everyone rejoice! Well, not CC_Star, he can go and cater to his new cows, this won’t interest him. The next map pack for Killzone 2 has been announced!

As we predicted months ago, retro maps will be presenting themselves in the coming weeks. The original Killzone’s Beach Head and Southern Hills maps are the lucky two to receive the HD update in the new Flash and Thunder pack. From the looks of the announcement video the levels will be filled with the usual wind, lighting, bullets and minor explosions we have all become accustomed to on the Helghast home planet. Oh, did I say minor explosions? Sorry, I meant NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS!

The packs will feel distinct to each other with the Beach Head carrying a claustrophobic and closed in atmosphere whilst the Southern Hills offers players a far more open experience.

Being a fan of the original’s online, I for one (and as per usual) am very excited for packs and hope to see more retro offerings in the future! We’ll have news on the pricing when we receive it, but the date is currently set as the 11th of June.  Until then you can view the announcement video for yourself over at Eurogamer.