Quantum Theory Delayed

Some people think the PlayStation is missing out on games featuring armour clad grunts, you know the kind that feature heavily in Gears of War, and… well most Epic games actually. Quantum Theory was expected to fill this void sometime in 2009, but bad news has arrived from the East, that the game won’t be out in Japan until sometime in 2010, meaning that due to localisation and stuff we may need to keep all our fingers (and toes) crossed if we’re to see a release this side 2011.

Quantum Theory may not have been on too many people’s hot list of games to buy this year because it has so far largely slipped under the radar, we did feature it about six months ago on TSA, when we took a look at some of the lesser know titles expected this year. The game was originally announced at the Tokyo Games Show last year, where it was one of eleven PlayStation 3 exclusives, the title is being developed by Tecmo’s Team Tachyon, and reportedly makes use of some of the technologies used in Ninja Gaiden Sigma.


Personally I was intrigued by the game because I was extremely interested in seeing Eastern ideas incorporated into a third person shooter, which is seen as a predominantly Western genre.

This early trailer seems to show two main characters which could indicate the game features co-operative play, guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

Source: Famitsu, Via IGN.