TSA Podcast Rebooted: Two

Welcome to our second TSA Podcast Rebooted. This week we’ve got Liam, Peter and Nick and whilst it has all been very professionally edited, because of our recent bandwidth issues (and the fact that Nick’s decided it needed to be massive) we’ve gone down the externally hosted route. Sorry, shouldn’t be too much of a convenience and it’s well worth it.

In the show this week:

  • Project Trico
  • Katie and Peter
  • TSA Challenge
  • Some bitching (can you guess who about?)
  • TSA PlayThru
  • Drunken Killzone
  • The THQ event we attended
  • The Ubisoft event we attended
  • Music and chat
  • General awesomeness unmatched by anyone else.

Download links:

[55 mins, 75 MB]

As ever, we welcome your comments, as long as you’re not comparing what we’re talking about to 32 other website podcasts – you know, we’re our own people.  On a separate but entirely related note, if anyone can offer free hosting for our podcasts, with embedded streaming, let us know and we’ll work something out.  Enjoy the show, everyone!

Update: Nick’s taken some of the issues (mainly the background music) and fixed them, and re-uploaded the podcast. Use the links with [Updated Version] next to them when downloading the new version.