Kojima ‘Next’ Site gets Sunny

Kojima’s ‘Next’ site has become a tedious series of looping countdowns over the last few days. Nevertheless, as we reach E3, it seems that the animated storm on the website has gone, leaving a sunny field in its place. The letters have gone too, in addition to the images of Snake and Raiden. It’s interesting to note, however, that the previous letters did make up “PS3, PC, 360”. Of course, there were lots of other things that they could have meant, but is it possible that a Metal Gear Solid 5 could be multi-platform?

The animated teaser page now fades in an out with either the number ‘8’ or the letter ‘B’. The font clearly isn’t helping people draw assumptions here. So what could the character mean? Well, if it’s a number 8, it could hint at 8 more countdowns, 8 characters, 8 games, 8 days to go, 8 anything. If it’s a letter ‘B’, it could suggest ‘Big Boss’, which would match the images we saw previously, or ‘Beach’. Why? because the audio that was once a storm is now replaced with the sound of waves on a shore, and seagulls. I expect this mean the introduction of our new hero may be the washing up of their body onto an empty beach.


That’s just speculation, and there’s no real way to define when this countdown will end. It’s currently just gone 11 hours to go, which would place the end of it at some point after the Microsoft E3 conference. But is this just the countdown to the next site change? Kojima’s teaser is going beyond teasing. Let’s just hope it’ll end soon, so the never-ending countdown can become a thing of the past, as with Kojima’s “This is my last ever Metal Gear! Promise!” lies.