Killzone 2 Heading Home

We reported a while back that Guerrilla Games were working on a Home Space but instead it appears they have conjured up a tasteful Helghan apartment. Named “The Visari Throne Room,” it is designed to resemble the final level of Killzone 2 and includes a vast, very brown, view out into Helghan. To complete your second Home they have also created five pieces of furnishing that appeared in the game, which consist of “two types of Visari-style chairs, an administrative desk, a plant container with authentic Helghan vegetation, and a freestanding painting which portrays an important moment in the colonial history of the Helghast.” The apartment will be available during the second half of June but we have no word on pricing at this point. I have never bought anything in Home so couldn’t even hazard a guess at the price, that’s what the comments are for. GG also revealed they have more Home content planned for the future so perhaps now they are working on the Home space.

Head on over to the blog (link below) to see the furniture.

Source: EU PS Blog