Home: The Xi Fragment Guide

Please note, this guide contains spoilers.

The 24 fragments are the key to solving the mystery of Xi.  Some are harder to get than others, and some more interesting in their discovery, but all come together to form a nice Lost-esque meta puzzle within Home, and the concept is quite brilliant.  So, log into Home, and follow TSA through this lovely guide and let us know how you get on in the comments.

Fragment 1: Initiation.


Little more than a tutorial, the first fragment eases you in gently.  Enter the Hub via the graffiti on the wall of Home Square, which is near the waterfall if you’re on the EU Home, or near the apartments if you’re using the US version.  Once downloaded, walk forward and listen to the introduction voice over from Thom, and watch the video.

You need to find some pieces of paper – they are near a robot (Stapler), next to a plant pot on the right side of the Hub, and by the pillar in front of the noticeboard.  Collect all three, and a new website (alphaafk.com) will be added to your Online Gateway.

Walk up to the Gateway (the computer terminals), open up alphaafk.com and click on Puzzles.  Select the first, which is odd-one-out, beat the puzzle and you’ll get a code.  Head back downstairs to the Holopads, press X and enter the code, which will be (17PARIS).   Congratulations, that’s the first fragment.

Fragment 2: Postcards.

Go up to the Gateway and choose jess247.com with the password you have.  Open the Messenger application, taking notice of the postcard descriptions – find the postcard on the computer, and work out the puzzle (you’ll need to form a web address using the missing landmark).  Once you have it, navigate to the URL, which will give you another similar puzzle.

They go on for a while.  The first, then, is www.bigbenuk.com, we’ll leave you to figure the rest out.  Once you have the final code, head down to the Holopads and enter it (MAGNUSMAGNUS) and that’ll be your second fragment.

Fragment 3: Hexopolis.

Use the Alpha Zone 1 teleport (at the back of the Hub) to teleport to the Alpha Zone 1 lobby.  Once in the lobby, head through the door on the right, inside which you’ll have to beat six minigames in six minutes.  The best order to do them in is up to you, they’re all fairly straightforward.

  • Rejected: Catch the cows that fall out of the UFO.  Found right ahead of you at the start.
  • Point of Sale: Grab items from the left and deliver them to the customers on the right using the correct buttons.  Found over the bridge.
  • Sushiatsu: Tap the two buttons as they appear.  Found behind the staircase near the entrance.
  • Zombie Mall: Avoid the zombies and collects the bags.  Found up the stairs and right.
  • Pollen: Fly over the yellow areas of the flowers when they flash red.  Found in the middle of the landing upstairs.
  • Angry Mountain: Collect the babies whilst avoiding the rocks.  Found down the far staircase.

If you’ve done all six games in time, you’ll have your third fragment, well done.  If not, just practise as required, you can attempt this fragment (like all of them) as many times as you want.

Fragment 4: Maximum Tilt.

Head back to Alpha Zone 1, and go through the second door to the right, entering the teleporters at the other end of this new room to start your challenge.  In Maximum Tilt you need to use the SixAxis tilt controls to keep the helicopter away from the trees, and in the center, which will get you points.  Once the timer is up, if you’ve got 25,000 points you’ll get your forth fragment.

Fragment 5: Caverns of the Bandit King.

Back into Alpha Zone 1, and this time through the door to the left of the one you entered for fragment 3.  Access the screen and get used to the layout, using the map if necessary.  This is like a mini RPG, and although part of the fun will be in solving the game yourself, if you’re stuck here’s what you need to do:

Go east then south to get to the town, talk to the guard, get the lanturn.  Go north, then east into the cave.  Use the lanturn.  Go north, get the sleeping potion.  Go south, use the potion.  Go east, get the key, use it.  Go into the cell, talk to the man, get another key.

Head back to the armoury, get the brass key.  Go south to the room with the water sprite, get the circle key.  Go east as far as you can to the throne room, then north into the bedroom.  Use the brass key to free the girl, get the square key.  Pick up the weapon, go back, kill the Bandit King.

Use your keys to open the door to the secret passage, talk to the dragon.  Once back at the entrance, go south, talk to the guard, go through the gate and collect your fifth fragment.

Fragment 6: Miguel’s Secret.

You need to go to the CafeConMiguel site and work out his date of birth and enter it into the HoloPad to get the sixth fragment. The clues are in the posts from the (3rd August) (which tells us it was his birthday yesterday) and the one titled (Obsessed) which tells us he’s (23).  Thus, the date of birth you need is (08/02/1985), which is entered as (08021985).

Fragment 7: Avatars.

This is the maintenance area that we leaked the world exclusive screenshot of.  To get there, use the manhole cover in Home Square.  Once inside, find the single open locker and have a look at the identification card of William Johnson.  You’ll (need to change your avatar’s appearance to look like Johnson), with particular reference to (his hairstyle).  Once you do, you’ll be able to get past the security barrier.

Once inside, go through the first room on the left, access the security computers and find the one that says HM-S1, the New Staff Registration module.  Activate, which will then let you through the panel without having to (change your appearance) again.  It’ll also give you your seventh fragment.

Fragment 8: Crazy Cane.

Head back to Maintenance, this time turning right at the corridor, and access the controls on the far wall.  You’ll need to use the claw to pick up the seven robot pieces three times – the first is easy, the second has more restricted controls and the third time there’s a lot of dead batteries in the way.  If you fail you just need to try the last bit again, not the whole thing.  And hey presto, fragment 8.

Fragment 9: Balance The Blocks.

Again, this is done in Maintenance.  Use the terminals to find HM-S2 and solve the colour puzzle.  Easy enough, and that’s fragment 9.

Fragment 10: The Lost Note.

Use the Gateway computers to access the Video Vault, and watch the video titled “Important Info”.  Head back down to the Holopads and you’ll have new mail, from Jachal, which tells you that you need to find a piece of paper that’s hidden somewhere within Home.  If you’re in the EU, it’s on the top floor of the Theater on a poster.  Note down what the paper says, and head back to the Hub.

Use the Holopad to enter the code you saw on the paper (ETINARCADIAEGO) and that’s your tenth fragment.

Fragment 11: Deep Water.

Use the second teleporter in the Hub to get to Alpha Zone 2.  Once within, you need to enter each of the two aquaria and solve the puzzles and free the fish.  The first, “Evil”, is right in front of you – you need to get to the other side without taking too much damage, then eat five pellets, then a couple more times with combinations of the above.  Should be fairly easy.

Then you need to do a similar thing with the “Good” aquarium: eat pellets, meet the zebrafish without hitting any other fish a few times, then eat more pellets.  The game will guide you through each section so don’t worry too much.  Good is easier than Evil, for what it’s worth.  Once free, hit X to get your eleventh fragment.

Fragment 12: The Darkness.

Head back to Alpha Zone 2, and use the screens marked 1 and 2.  There are two puzzles here, 1 is a variation on the classic Loops game which you might have played on the DS or iPhone, and the second just requires simple arithmetic as you count the number of bulbs in the columns.  The twelth fragment is yours.

Fragment 13: The Enlightenment.

You’re going back through to Alpha Zone 2 again for this one, and you want to use the screens labelled 3, 4 and 5.  Again, these are individual minigames but nothing too complicated.  Fireflies is little more than a Simon-like memory game, so get your pen and paper at the ready. Flashlight Jigsaw is exactly what it sounds like, and Shadow Match simply requires you to link the silhouette with the shape.  Easy enough, and that’s another fragment.

At this point you should also have two new Holomail messages – we’ll not spoil the surprise.

Fragment 14: Zoom.

Hopefully you’ll have another Holomail message, from Thom.  You’ll need to open the email, go up to the Online Gateway computers and log into jess247.com.  Open up the ‘images’ folder, then go into ‘zoom’ and open ‘clue.jpg’.  Obvious, huh?  The clue is yet another hint, and means that you need to write down the numbers on each of the JPGs in the folder, adding them up as you go along before entering the answer (1045) in the Holopad to get fragment 14.

Fragment 15: Power Up.

Right, back to Maintenance.  You want terminal HM-S3 which will give you three puzzles that requires you to connect up the input wire to the various output ones.  You have four bendy junctions and two straight bits and it’s really not that hard. Viola, fragment 15.

Fragment 16: Listen Carefully.

Once again back to Maintenance, walk through to the elevators and download another area: Jess’s Apartment. Enter the new Space and keep an eye on the video stream for a minute.  The clues to the location of a code you need are in the video, so search the spot referenced (look at the boat) for the next Holopad code – head back to the Hub and do your stuff.  In case you can’t see it, the code is (CAPULET).  That makes it sixteen.

Fragment 17: Magic Marker.

It’s back to Jess’s Apartment for fragment 17, but not yet.  If you check your Holopad mail you’ll have one from Miguel, which will talk about a Magic Marker. Head back to Jess’s, then, and you need to find four sets of letters painted on the walls – the first is next to the safe.  All the letters together spell (Einstein), so that’s the code you need to enter into the Holopad back in the Hub.

Fragment 18: Between the Lines.

You should have an email from Ignatius, use the Online Gateway computers to browse veilcorp.com and you’ll need to use the language changer and browse certain pages to get the information you need.  Keep an eye out for the red letters, which you can spell (DIANA) from, so that’s your code.  Eighteen down, six to go.

Fragment 19: Teamwork.

Right, you need Alpha Zone 3 for this, so head into the new teleporter from the Hub.  Once inside, enter the open door to get to the Teamwork maze – which, as you might have guessed, requires friends.  You’ll see four pads on the ground, and thus you’ll need three other people stood on them simultaneously so you all get access.  Follow the maze around to the dance floor, and then you’ll need two peope doing the (rock dance) to get through.

Head on round until you get to another pad, on which someone must stand to allow the others through, and then you’ll come across two more laser barriers which require their own codes.  These are (5934) and (1492), which are written on the alternative barrier’s control panel, requiring a friend again.  Once you’re through, keep going and pick up your nineteenth fragment.

Fragment 20: Face Your Demons

Alpha Zone 3 again, this time you want the door that leads to the Ghost Maze.  To finish this one and collect your twentieth fragment, you simply need to get to the trophy and back without being caught by one of the ghost skulls.  You should be able to watch the pattern of the first ghost and the other ones emit a sound that makes them easy to hear coming, and there’s a few safe zones along the way.

Fragment 21: Riddled.

Back to Alpha Zone 3 again, this time you want the Riddle Maze, which contains a few nice riddles along the way, although getting one wrong forces a restart. I really like these kind of riddles and wouldn’t want them spoiling, but if you’re stuck, here are the answers:

  • Sequence: (E)
  • Socks: (5)
  • Frog: (7)
  • Correct Statement: (4 of the phrases) are false
  • Paper Boys: (3)
  • Hotel Rooms: (20)
  • Value of 1000: (100)
  • Slow Clock: (06:00)

Fragment 21 will be yours once you’ve got back out of the maze again.

Fragment 22: Set In Stone.

We’re done with Alpha Zone 3 after fragment 22, and this one’s a really easy one.  Miguel has emailed you, check your Holomail and then log into jess247.com and it’s back to the ‘image’ folder.  Check out the ‘a-strange-key.jpg’ image and then go back to Alpha Zone 3.  Look at the keystones in the arches – you’ll see 2 sets of four colours, but you only need those with squares.

Jot down the number of dots in the dice in the same order as shown in the key, which would be red, yellow, green, blue, or (2, 5, 3, 6).  That’s your code for the Holopad, and thus that’s fragment 22.

Fragment 23: Scavenger Hunt.

Jachal has emailed you again. You need to check the bin on Jess’s computer, so it’s back to jess247.com.  Look in the recycle bin, which starts a scavenger hunt all around Home with a simple algebraic equation at the heart of it all.  For starters, head to the Red Bull Air Race space for the first part of (A), which is (540).  The second part of (A) is the number of stepping stones in the Mall, which is (18), so (A) is (540/18, or 30).

Part (B) is a three part addition: the number of lanes in the bowling alley plus the number of golf carts in the EA Sports Complex, plus the number of ceiling fans in the Far Cry 2 Train Station, which is (3).  (B), then, is (10).  (C) is the number on the wall as you enter the Bowling Alley (8) divided by the number of barrels in the Resistance minigame, which is (4), so (C) = (2). A * (B-C) = (30 * (10-2)), which is (240). (240) is your code for the Holopad, and thus fragment 23.

Fragment 24: The Final Total.

The main Xi door will now be glowing.  Check your mail, and you’ll then need to convert the flashing numbers on the door from binary to decimal, so (00001110) gives you (14).   (14), then, gives you your last fragment and thus the completion of this particular strand of Xi. So, what’s behind the monolith?  Well, once you’re through that’s it, so you need to ensure you have all the subquests completed too, which we’ll come back to, so hold on to those fragments and stay tuned to TSA for the Butterfly challenges…

Clarification on a couple of issues: Alpha Zone 4, the Xi forum.