WipEout Following Pain Onto Shelves?

Yesterday, in reply to a comment on the EU Blog regarding a Blu-Ray release of WipEout HD, Joey Payne, European Product Manager for SCEE, said “sorry I don’t have a date for you on this yet but I’m sure there will be a blog update from the WipEout Product Manager very soon.” This, as these things do, has sparked a furious internet frenzy, with some sites claiming this is confirmation of a Blu-Ray release of the game.

We’re massive WipEout HD fans here, and we’re as sure as anyone that the game would see improved sales if it was allowed some shelf space, but this isn’t confirmation, yet.  What we’re hoping for, then, is a disk containing the original WipEout HD and the forthcoming Fury expansion, and that’ll presumably retail for the same price as the Pain disk: twenty notes.  And yes, we’ll bite again.


We spoke to Sony on this this morning, but got the usual “we don’t comment on rumour or speculation” reply.