Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Updated

Things were getting a bit tense yesterday evening with the PSN down as we approached the start of both our King of Killzone event and the TSA Warhawk Meet.  Fortunately it was back up again by 8PM.  I was not party to the goings on in the King of Killzone but the odd messenger managed to tweet their harrowing tales from the front line when the firing stopped.

I was busy providing a target for the other TSAers in the Warhawk meet.  After an entertaining hour or so of watching my bullet riddled corpse being tossed about like a rag doll and blown from one side of the map to the other by a seemingly endless string of grenades and rockets, I needed a break.


Deciding that running down dismounted motorcyclists while driving a big rig would make me feel better I reached for my Motorstorm: Pacific Rift disc.  The start of my race was delayed though as MS:PR wanted updating to v1.03.  The update weighing in at a monster truck troubling 608MB.

We know that the first of MS:PR’s premium DLC packs, Speed, is due soon bringing with it three new tracks, Quicksands, Engorged and Dark Fire Swamp, three new track variants, four new vehicles and a new 48 event festival called Speed Weekend.   Not forgetting, for the virtual silverware collectors out there, the new trophies.

The update has revealed the last few hidden microbadges:

  • Vehicle Fanatic: All DLC Vehicles Owned.
  • Track Maniac: All DLC Tracks Owned.
  • Speed Lover: Qualified on every DLC Speed Event.
  • With friends like these…: Play a single Online race against at least 4 players on your friends list.
  • New Terrain, Old Rivals: Beat all the developer ghosts on all vehicle classes on any DLC track.
  • One Less Obstacle: Punch a player from your friends list off their bike or ATV, and win the race.

Perhaps this update landing now means that we will be able to pick up the Speed DLC on the PSN Store this Thursday.  Perhaps.