Titan Pleased With Fat Princess Patch

The patch, which went live over the weekend for our friends in the States, has “greatly improved the connection and lag issues” according to Fat Princess developers Titan Studios. “We’ve gotten virtual heaps of emails and read hundreds of forum comments from players letting us know that they’re getting into games, lag is back to nominal levels, and host migration is working.  That’s been our experience, too.  Phew.  I’ve said it elsewhere, but it’s worth repeating:  thanks for your patience during this last week!”  Selective reading, perhaps, because as far as I know Europe is still waiting for the patch and comments from our own quarters aren’t so complementary although the responsibility lies with SCEE.

The developers are moaning at quitters that leave the game if they’re losing, something that should have been taken care of from the beta, but, you know.  “If you’re the host, please see out the game,” says the blog.  “Certain hosts, if they are about to lose a game, are dropping the game in effort to maximize their rank.  This is weak, unsportsmanlike behavior, and disrespects everyone else.”  There’s also a trend of players switching teams towards the end of matches to be on the winning team.  “This results in more than a few games where teams are imbalanced,” say Titan.  “One side will have 15 humans, and the other side 6.  Go figure – the humans win.  Not so fun. ”


Thankfully they’re looking into both issues.