Trophy World 10/09/09


Hello everyone! While this week may have not seen as many lists as last week, we luckily had a last minute influx of Trophy Lists I’m sure you will all like! Now if I’m not mistaken, the trophy lists of all the games that will release this month have been posted here on TSA. So why don’t you have a look here and see if maybe a list you’ve been looking for has already been put up. Now, without any further ado, this week’s trophy lists:

I think it goes without saying, this week’s highlights are easily Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Trine and WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is the upcoming remake of Ninja Gaiden 2 from the Xbox 360. But this isn’t a simple port, no, it includes a reworked camera, and an all new co-op mode with specific challenges for that mode. This series is known for it’s difficulty, and I’m sure one of those secrets trophies will be possibly a gold for completing the game on the Hardest difficulty.


Next up, we have Trine. This game is a physics-based platformer, with local co-op on one screen included in the package. This is the second PlayStation Network only game to include a Platinum (The first was WipEout HD, and Warhawk doesn’t count as it was released in Retail as well). I think the theory behind how to include a Platinum for a PSN game is simple, price the game at $20 or above. WipEout HD’s US price was $20, and Trine will also be priced at $20 when it releases. The trophies look nice, with quite a few silvers and golds for your collection. Hopefully the game won’t be too tough to complete on ‘Very Hard’, and the rest should be fine.

Lastly, we have WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010, the yearly wrestling game from THQ. The trophies look similar to that of WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, especially the amount of trophies included. The game features a number of improvements from last year’s, including three-dimensional apparel in the create-a-wrestler mode, and a lot of possible story lines, allowing for quite a few hours to be put into the story mode.

Now, a few bits of information and some assumptions about the games coming out this year. Firstly, Gamespot UK made a visit to the Devs of EyePet in their London Studio, where the producer of the game, Nicolas Doucet, let slip that most of the trophies will be found by accident. He also revealed one of them, which would be awarded to the player for looking after your pet for 20 days. Seeing this, I have a strong hunch the game will be a cakewalk to achieve the Platinum trophy in, appealing to all us trophy addicts out there.

We posted yesterday a gameplay video of Assassin’s Creed 2, where the person narrating in the background continuously mentions that for finding everything in the mentioned underground sections, the player would receive an ultimate reward. It wouldn’t be a longshot to say that along with that, the player would be awarded a trophy as well for his efforts, possibly a gold or silver.

I thought I’d add something new to the feature this week, so every week I’ll share my opinion on the best trophy I find in the week, whether it be funny, or challenging, or even just ridiculously easy. For this week, here’s my favourite:

DiRT 2/Bronze

Two Cups One Girl
Win two team events with the same female team-mate

Make of that what you will. See you next week!