Audi Space Coming To Home

The new 313 BHP Audi e-tron concept car looks a bit like a futuristic mix between the new TT and an R8 but is powered by electricity rather than petrol with four motors (two on each axle) taking the thing to 100 KPH in under 5 seconds.  Fast, eh?  Well, certainly fast enough to secure a spot in PlayStation Home as Audi will be using the Home service as part of the car’s marketing campaign with it’s own Space called, wait for it, the Audi Space.


Once inside you can view the e-tron from all angles and even play a minigame called Vertical Run.  The aim of the free to play Vertical Run is to race along a futuristic (but not altogether vertical) WipEout-esque hover track collecting electrical energy (really) and avoiding bananas (not really) in a multiplayer scramble to reach the highest possible top speed, with the fastest players unlocking new items and even, apparently, an Audi Apartment.  The new stuff is due this December.

Thanks, ER-nut, via