Trophy World 01/10/09


Welcome back to Trophy World everyone! Things have dialed down a bit this week in terms of the quantity of trophy lists, but definitely not in quality! This week’s lists are:

Highlights of the week include Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and Digger HD. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a nitty-gritty hyper-realistic first-person shooter from Codemasters, which I’m most excited for. Most FPS’s nowadays make you feel superhuman, that certainly won’t be the case in this game, with just one or two shots being enough to kill you or a squad member. The trophies seem pretty good, and the gold for killing 100 enemies shows that it’s definitely not going to be a cakewalk. As expected, there is a trophy for finishing the game on Hardcore, which has no HUD, no crosshair, nothing. This should make for a truly tense and fulfilling mode.


Next we have PES 2010, the yearly franchise from Konami which annually competes with FIFA 10, usually leaving gamers to decide which is the better one to purchase. There are a variety of improvements this year, like 360 dribbling and cleaner looking visuals. The trophies look good, and like FIFA’s list, seem like it will require to do various different things of the game. Seeing most people’s reactions on both demos, it seems that more are going for FIFA this year. We’ll just have to see which is better when it releases later this month.

And lastly we have Digger HD, the sixth game put out on the PSN by Creat Studios. This is a HD remake of the ’80s PC game, and seems to be quite a lot of fun. You control this little ‘Digger’, which must navigate through over 60 levels of mazes and enemies, with hidden artifacts to discover. There is an option to play the game like it was when it was released as well. The trophies look challenging, and with the game coming out next week for us here in the EU, you should definitely check it out. Don’t forget that Mushroom Wars is also coming out very soon, so look for that in a few weeks time.

I know I talked about how the new Call of Duty won’t be having any online achievements, but I’ve got even more now to share with you, courtesy of our resident CoD fanatic C_Stewie. On twitter, Robert Bowling, or better known as ‘fourzerotwo’ has stated that the list has been finalised, and should be released soon. Even better news, quite a while back, the first level of the game was leaked on YouTube. At one point, the presenter took a Grenade Launcher, and seemed to kill quite a few enemies in one shot. A Second later, and the achievement ‘Threesome’ was unlocked, making it pretty obvious that it was awarded for killing three people in one shot. Looking at the amount of Gamerscore it was assigned (15G), I expect it to be a bronze trophy for the PS3.

And to finish off, my favourite trophy of the week is:

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising/Gold

Dragon Rising – Hardcore
Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty

I can imagine how hard this trophy will be to achieve, but that only means greater satisfaction for me when I group up with some TSA members and attempt this trophy. It should be a lot of fun, so I certainly can’t wait until next week when the game releases. That’s it from me this week, see you next time!

Trophy World is a regular feature written for TheSixthAxis by Zuler.