Oddworld Returning To PlayStation

According to Video Game Reviews, the two classic PlayStation Oddworld games have been locked for the PSN and are due on October 21st. For anyone unfamiliar with the rather wacky adventures of the Oddworld inhabitants, both games – Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exodus – were a peculiar blend of platforming and puzzling with plenty of fart gags thrown in, with the eponymous protagonist charged with escaping Rupture Farms (a meat processing plant) and rescuing as many of his friends along the way as possible. 


They were hugely successful back in the early PlayStation games and whilst the proceeding two games (a 3D Xbox launch title and a first person shooter) lost the way a bit, the original couplet still play extremely well and I personally would love to get my hands on them again, if only for the puerile humour. The site linked above also mentions something about a possible future Oddworld game, something we’ve also heard on the grapevine recently but in this instance our lips are well and truly sealed…