Fat Princess Grows With Free Map

Rejoice Fat Princess fans. The PSN exclusive online multiplayer game will be getting an update (1.03 to be precise) very soon. The most important news of all is that with the patch, Fat Princess players will be getting a new map. The New Pork city level is completely and utterly free, which is nice, and you can find more details about it here. The latest patch also brings a whole host of new bug fixes, so below is a breakdown of the most significant.

  • A new and improved team switching system (post-game switching restricted. If there is a 2 player deficit on a team during a game, the weaker team will drop a coloured ball. If you pick up the ball, you switch teams.)
  • Stat and Trophy issues now fixed.
  • Disappearing Fat Princess bug fixed.
  • Improved ranking system (adds rank points for every game based on the player’s score)
  • Larger online leaderboards.
  • Extensive character balancing improvements to strength and abilities.
  • A new control scheme (You can now use R1 to attack)
  • Improved scoring (points awarded changed for certain tasks completed in game e.g. rescuing the princess).
  • Revised loading screens (now in colour and you can scroll through game tips while loading).

So a free map and a thorough work over. Tie that in with possible new characters and Fat Princess seems to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. But there’s more, because a demo for the game will coincide with the release of the new patch. So now there should be no excuses not to try out Fat Princess. We were very impressed with the title as our review states here and it is great to see Titan Studios listening to user feedback. TSA will update you as soon as we find out the release date and any more information.


Via PlayStation Blog.