Are Activision Working On A New Goldeneye?

Everybody knows the FPS genre really got started with Rare’s Goldeneye, and publishers and developers around the world have been desperate (some more than others) to get a piece of the 007 pie.  Now that the license is with Activision a certain animator at Eurocom claims to have been working on what he called “Goldeneye 2010” at the studio – a new title that previously nobody knew about.

His CV is currently offline, presumably in response to the current batch of rumours going around about what he’d written, but the development time the animator was apparently involved in was at least a few months worth (ending in September) and thus this does suggest that Eurocom might well be working on a Wii version of Bizarre Creations’s forthcoming Bond game, whatever that might be.  More as we get it.

Via: Gamezine, original source: SuperAnnuation.