Happy Anniversary PS2!

This past Monday PS2 reached the ninth anniversary of its American release. It was way back on October 26th 2000 that the PlayStation2 first landed on, and started flying off, shop shelves throughout the US.  To mark the occasion SCEA have released some up-to-date sales statistics.

Total worldwide sales for the PS2 have reached a staggering 140,000,000 units.  That’s a total that no other console, home or handheld, has ever reached.  The closest contenders are the Game Boy at 119m, the DS (in all its variants) with 113m and the original PlayStation which just made it into 9 digits with 102m sales.


Sales of the PlayStation 2 in the United States alone account for 44m consoles.  Sony happily proclaims that to mean that “one in every three U.S. households” have one.  Of course they have simply sold enough to be in 1-in-3 American homes, there being 128m of those according to 2007 census data, that is not likely to be literally true.  The, now $99, PS2 is still selling too, posting figures of 146,000 US sales in September.

On the software front nearly 10,000 PS2 games have been released by an impressive total of 485 different developers.  In the US more than 500 million copies of PlayStation 2 games have been sold.  I will repeat that for effect, Americans have bought over half a billion PS2 games.

Top Ten PS2 Games

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (18m)
  2. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (15m)
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (14m)
  4. Grand Theft Auto III (12m)
  5. Gran Turismo 4 (10m)
  6. Final Fantasy X (8m)
  7. Need for Speed: Underground (6.5m)
  8. Need for Speed: Underground 2 (6.4m)
  9. Medal of Honor: Frontline (6.3m)
  10. Final Fantasy XII (5.7m)

Nine years into Sony’s much-vaunted ten year console life span the PS2 is still going strong.  Its ninth anniversary here in Europe comes up next month and it reaches its tenth anniversary in Japan next March.

Personally, I have not bought a PS2 for several months when I saw PS2 Slims going for £30 in my local Tesco.  I picked one up to take the pressure off my still-going-strong original PS2 Phat as there has been what analysts would call an uptick in my PS2 game playing lately.

Disillusionment with Guitar Hero has seen me back playing Amplitude; I have revisited Fahrenheit in preparation for Heavy Rain; I still cannot resist falling into the Rez experience from time to time and Team Ico‘s two previous titles were due another play through.

How many of you have still got PS2’s?  What do you play on them and how much?