Bad Company 2 Beta

Do you ever have one those feelings that you’ve pressed something you shouldn’t have?

“Whilst looking for an exclusive to bring you and poking around the some dark corners of the Internet (not that dark corner… the other one) I’ve stumbled upon the EA/DICE beta announcement trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


“I don’t think I should be here, my efforts might have alerted them to my presence, DAMN! they’re on to me!”



“I’ve gotta keep moving in case they see me…”

“Just as I was firing up the software to bring you the news of the announcement, the trailer has disappeared – gone – vamoosed”

“The beta announcement is expected to be….. shit, gotta run”

“ARGH! They’re right behind me”

“Think I’ll hide in this cardboard box…”

“Right, the beta announcement is expected to be made this week, and will obviously test out the multiplayer ahead of the game’s March 2010 release… Shhh! I can hear someone in the room….”

“If I ever get outta here I’ll bring you the trailer just as soon as…. ARGH I’VE BEEN SPOTTED”

“No… Don’t… It was like that when I got here…”



The video I saw earlier is now publicly available, take a peek below – So much for risking my neck to bring you breaking news. Exclusively featuring on the PS3 the beta will launch on 19/11 with access being granted through pre-ordering with participating retailers, although there will be a PC beta following sometime in December