Exclusive: Gravity Crash Trophies

We’re massive fans of Gravity Crash here at TheSixthAxis, and I’ve been playing it for over a month now, battling with the devious single player and spending far too long on the fantastic level designer.  During my time with the preview build I’ve been unable to sync Trophies, but now we’ve been given the exclusive Trophy list so I can finally show you just how cool some of the Trophy names are in Gravity Crash.

  • 8 Bits of destruction
    Kill 256 gun or missile turrets
  • Feeble Humans!
    (secret Trophy)
  • Obsolete Technology
    Defeat any boss
  • Power Saving Mode
    Complete ‘Norova’ level without refuelling or dying
  • Exception Handler
    Refuel your ship after the fuel depleted warning message is displayed
  • Passive Resistor
    Complete “Vectora” level without firing a single shot
  • Out-Smarted
    (secret Trophy)
  • Data Miner
    Unlock any secret level
  • Hyperlink
    Activate every node in the game, including those in secret levels.
  • Shiny Trinkets
    Collect a total of 10 purple gems across different levels
  • I Made This!
    Create and publish a level, then have it rated by 5 users.
  • Within Acceptable Parameters
    (secret Trophy)
  • Guidance Software Approved
    Complete all training lessons
  • System Analyst
    Find 5 user created levels you like, and rate the creators
  • 00101010
    Collect all artefact pieces.
  • Cache Hit
    Find all gems in every level
  • Overclocked
    Beat the recommended time on 10 levels
  • Retro Fitted
    Have rear, side, and 3-way fire simultaneously
  • Mega Points
    (secret Trophy)
  • End-Of-File
    Finish the single player campaign game

All of them are Bronze, except for the last one…  As for the game’s release date and price? Well, you can look forward to some news on that very soon indeed…