Gravity Crash: Release Date, New Info, Pricing

We’ve been following Gravity Crash since day one – the initial reveal, the playtest at Just Add Water’s Yorkshire studio, the preview build that I’ve been hammering for over a month – it’s a brilliant, brilliant game and it’s out next week. Yep, that last bit should have been earth shatteringly big news, but sadly the release date was outed yesterday by mistake. Still, I know the team at JAW have worked their arses off to ensure a joint American and European release date and it’s going to get a Store update all of its own when it hits the various PSN divisions next Tuesday, the 24th of November.

I said, after an extensive playtest, that Gravity Crash might be the best game on the PSN, and I’m still tempted to stick by that – it’s deceptively deep and whilst the game’s difficulty curve ramps up nicely throughout the main Campaign mode the real skill is in obtaining high scores and speed runs, which is where the dip-in and out Planet mode comes into its own.  The screenshots below, some of which are exclusive to TheSixthAxis, only go far in highlighting the superb attention to detail the game possesses: the subtle animation; the superbly drawn half vector, half sprite ships and structures; the silky smooth 60 frames per second framerate…


But you don’t have to take our word for it – the game, which only costs £6.29 (EU 7.99, US$ 9.99) comes with a demo – you effectively download the full game and then when you decide you want to play on past what the free trial offers, it’s just a tiny unlock key which you can grab from within the game.  Gravity Crash’s 35 single player levels offer a massive amount of gameplay, but there’s also 12 multiplayer levels spread over 3 modes (including a cool race mode), two distinct control methods, a choice of special weapons and plenty of power-ups.

What to expect:

This is you. Pick either control method and stick with it for the whole of the Campaign mode. This is an energy crystal, shoot it and a shard will come out which refills your shield and fuel. Crystals rebuild themselves over time. This is a score crystal. Different colours give different scores, but they generally show you which way to go. Lava. Can be dynamic or static, but is always bad. Avoid.
An enemy. There’s stacks of them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, some organic, some mechanical. These are your currently active power-ups, which appear above your shield box. Top bar is your shield, the bottom bar your fuel. Grab energy crystals to refill. The upper graphic is the number of lives left, the lower the number of special weapons. And this is your mini-map, which is essential when navigating the tricky levels.

And then, on top of all this, there’s the epic level editor which is roughly on par with that offered in LittleBigPlanet and will result in endless user-created missions. It’s incredibly easy to use, you’ve got almost unlimited freedom in terms of what you place where and there’s a flexible set of mechanics and options which power things like switches, doors and all kinds of dynamic environmental effects. The ultimate proof of the power of the editor is that all of the levels within the game can be built using it, and we’re expecting lots of good stuff from the community once you guys get your hands on the game.

So, next Tuesday, the wait is finally over.