PixelJunk May Go 3D

In a Tweeterview (like an interview, but with shorter replies) with our friends at PS3 Attitude, Dylan Cuthbert, head of Pixeljunk has said that his team are prepared to go back to 3D games “if it’s new enough”, stating that “there’s no real difference between the PS3/360” and that “all the games use the same standard 3D methods.”

As far as we know there are no 3D PixelJunk titles currently in development, but Cuthbert does say that “LittleBigPlanet was innovative 3D-wise” which may give some indication of the direction the studio would head if they went down this path.


You can read the full Tweeterview via this hashtag (or here), which is currently going on right now and follow PS3Attitude on Twitter here.