Trophy World 10/12/09

Welcome back to Trophy World! Quite an exciting week, two games got extensions to their trophy lists, giving us all some food for thought as to what they will entail. Overall though, things still aren’t shaping up. I have mentioned that December would be a quiet month due to the lack of games right now, but I honestly expected lesser than this:

Borderlands’ first DLC came in the form of zombies, entitled ‘The Zombie Island of Dr.Ned’. The next upcoming DLC will be called Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, and it will focus on arena missions where you face wave after wave of some of the toughest Pandora has to offer. Provided you have a buddy, the trophies should be a breeze. Arena missions are truly at their best with a friend, and taking the missions on alone can get a bit monotonous. The DLC should be 6.29 pounds like the first DLC, and it should be arriving after the new year for us PS3 owners.


People have been requesting Media Molecule for new levels ever since they got their hands on the Metal Gear Solid pack, which was absolutely phenomenal. Seems they have finally listened, as it’s pretty evident with these trophies that there will be a new level pack based on the movies of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. It seems they’re using the levels to accompany the new feature that’s heading soon to the game, water, just like how the paintinator accompanied the MGS levels. Look for something official from their side soon. The trophies are similar to the MGS ones, though this time around they’re more focused around acing all the levels, which may prove to be a challenge. I really did wish though that I already had all the patches and my purchased DLC ready to go…

Now for some nice little snippets I found during the week. Over at the Army of Two site, they’ve posted a small sneak peek at a few of the game’s trophies/achievements, with the claim that there’s more to come.  So far, they have quite a lot of variety in them, but there’s one trophy that is sure to annoy. ‘Survival of the fittest’ relates to the Extraction game mode, which is actually only available by pre-ordering the game, and the mode will only be made public one month later after the game ships. There’s sure to be some people who’ll be aggravated at fact that it will take at least amonth for the platinum to be attainable.

Final Fantasy XIII will come with a trophy that, once unlocked, will award the player with a custom theme. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of trophies awarding the player with themes, and it’s nice to see developers experimenting with ways to reward the player once they unlock a particular trophy. I know recently that some games would grant you a home reward provided you fulfilled a particular criteria, but obviously not many of us actually use the service. I definitely would prefer a theme over a home reward.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

The Saboteur/ Bronze

Pint and a Shag
You got lucky with Skylar.

Seems all my favourite trophies recently have been related to a particular subject… long may it continue! See you next week!

Borderlands DLC Pack 2