PixelJunk Racers: Trophies Under Consideration

Over at the official PixelJunk Forum, Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert has replied to several request for a Trophy patch for the first PixelJunk game, Racers.  “It definitely seems we should look into it,” he says. “I wonder if Sony would cover the debugging cost.”

PixelJunk Racers is actually really rather good – it’s damned addictive, hard as hell (if you want to battle for the high score tables) and as an introduction to HD gaming it’s as good as your television is.  A Trophy patch would certainly grab the game some extra sales, too.


Dylan, we know you’re reading this, so consider this one of those pesky online petitions – find the time (and cash) to get Racers up and running with the silverware and we’ll love you more than we do already.

Thanks for the heads up, Bahamut44.