Trophy World 24/12/09

Welcome back to Trophy World! Things appear to have started picking up, with a nice amount of lists revealed this week. Only after compiling my wishlist have I realised just how many games are coming in the first quarter next year, so expect a smattering amount of lists posted in the first three months of ’10:

Think you’re ready to return to Rapture in BioShock 2? The sequel to the ground-breaking game promises to put players in the shoes of the first-ever Big Daddy, giving you much more power than Jack from the original game ever had. The game looks to be shaping up pretty well, though I just hope it doesn’t get delayed again from its current February release date. The trophies look plagiarised straight from the first game, with a helping of multiplayer trophies to boot. It shouldn’t be too hard, but I expect that you will need to resort to grinding to get all the multiplayer ones. As long as the single player offers an experience on par with the first game, I’ll be a happy bunny.

The upcoming Resident Evil 5 DLC entails two new separate episodes to play, entitled ‘Lost in Nightmares’ and ‘Desperate Escape’, releasing on February 18th and March 4th respectively. This should be ideal for those of you who are bored playing the same levels in the Campaign over and over again. The trophies look simple enough to attain. The ‘Professional’ difficulty never gave anyone much trouble in the original levels, and I doubt it will now. I’m truly looking forward to this DLC , especially so I can play as Jill and Josh in ‘Desperate Escape’.


Hustle Kings just released on the PlayStation Store this past Tuesday, and it seems very much like a love it or hate it game. You should give it a try if you’re a fan of pool and ultra-gorgeous balls (No, not those type of balls, you filthy pervert). The bronze trophies seem easy, but those silvers and that gold in particular look mighty difficult. I doubt anyone will ever get 100 million Hustle King Credits, unless you manage to hustle a lot of rich people. Good luck with that.

Battle Fantasia also released on the Store this Tuesday, but currently only for the US. It’s another PSN game that features a lovely platinum to achieve at a bargain price. It looks like a good fighter if you still want something after the plethora of fighting games that came out this year, such as Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, etc. Out of the 16 secrets, 1 of them has to be the platinum, and I’m confident the other 15 are bronze. They look pretty hard to me, then again, I’m dreadful in all types of fighting games. Except Tekken, thank god for Eddie’s lovely moves.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Polar Panic/ Silver

Smarter than the average bear
Complete the Puzzle Mode

Ah Yogi, how I miss you and your picnic basket-stealing shenanigans. Good times… I’m sure  this would be a great show to revisit  with your family during Christmas. Happy holidays everyone, and see you next week!