God of War 3 Dated for US, EU to Follow

Gamestop are listing God of War 3 with a pre-order ship date (ie, release date) of 3/16/10. You can see it here. There are still only 12 months, don’t worry, it’s just American dates (Americans are crazy!), so it’s a 16th March release in America. There’s also a limit of 2 per household, presumably because Gamestop are expecting the game to sell like hotcakes. The date comes from a corporate letter from Sony, apparently, so it’s rather solid.

A Sony rep has told VG247 that, whilst they can’t comment on a US release date, they ‘should be able to confirm a UK release date in the next few weeks.’ Don’t you just hate waiting? We want some Blades of Chaos-whirling, head-ripping fighting right now.


What’s that, you like God of War? You might want to check out these leaked scans we reported on the other day, then. Yes, even if you’ve seen them once, go and look again, they’re still astonishing.

Source: VG247.