GT5 Has ‘Real’ Cars

Speaking to GamesBeat at this year’s CES, creator and producer of the Gran Turismo franchise – Kazunori Yamauchi – spoke about what GT5 will be offering fans and gamers.

One of the most interesting questions that Yamauchi was asked regarded the level of detail and realism and how it has changed from the early life of the GT series.


We had maybe 300 polygons in a car in the first game. Now we have about 500,000 polygons in each car. Back then, pieces of the car were more like symbols. Now they are real and reflect light.

Whilst describing them as ‘real’ may incur some sarcastic comments from those who aren’t particularly fond of the series, it is a staggering amount. Consider Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2 for a moment – a game that many regard as the PS3’s graphics champion. In-game Drake is made up of around 37,000 polygons. Yamauchi also stated that, like Naughty Dog, they were using around 80% of the PS3’s processing power.

Yamauchi was also quizzed by motoring website Motor Trend regarding the highly anticipated game and even more details were confirmed, denied and dodged by the man in charge of Polyphony Digital.

There will be “950 cars, 20 locations and 70 layouts” included in the game; by my calculations that means 475,000,000 polygons on cars alone. Hybrids are included, Porsche isn’t included and you will be able to tune your cars but Yamauchi can’t disclose information on that at this time.

He also confirmed that the online features do allow for people to create car clubs and racing leagues. Then the question of that much-rumoured track editor came up and his response was:

At this point, it’s just a rumour. So you’ll have to see.

It’s worth mentioning that Motor Trend said this reply was given with a smile.

It may have ‘real’ cars but it still has no ‘real’ release date. Yamauchi said that March 2010 was still the target for the Japanese market but no word on anything else. In terms of future installments, he said that GT will be ready to adopt 3D when the technology reaches the required standard and that talk of a sequel can only begin once GT5 is out.

You can read the full interviews at GamesBeat and Motor Trend