No Half-Life 2: Episode 3 This Year

According to US print mag Game Informer, the chances of us getting our hands on a new Gordon Freeman Half-Life 2 episode this year appear remote. The latest issue of the popular magazine also suggests that, not only is a third and rumoured final episode of the popular game unlikely to release in 2010, they’re claiming the expected Episode 3 might not release at all.

This would suggest that Valve will go straight from Episode 2 to an entirely new Half-Life game (Half-Life 3 presumptively). This is all speculation at this time, and Valve are famous for not discussing future titles until there is something to actually discuss. So, don’t be surprised if this is all smoke and mirrors and Episode 3 does happen. When is anyone’s guess.


Valve recently shipped Left 4 Dead 2 to critical acclaim. Valve top-dog Gabe Newell will also pick up the GDC Pioneer award for his involvement with Steam and “”helping to make possible some of the most important videogames of the past two decades.” Gabe collects his gong in March.

Via Cinemablend