Crysis 2: NYC

We heard about this yesterday, along with the rest of the gaming world. Unfortunately I was busy kicking my PC, Gamoc was struggling with his zombie infection and Alex is living the life of an eighteenth century puritan pilgrim. By which I mean his home internet connection still isn’t working. I know, I miss him too.

Anyway, the other guys get tired of us asking them to do all the work while we kick around ideas for a My Little Pony game on the ZX Spectrum (it’s an exclusive) so we didn’t yell about this when the story broke. Never mind, you probably don’t care much anyway. But you should.


Man, I’m rambling a bit aren’t I? I should probably get to the point. The US version of the Official Playstation Magazine is hitting stands with a very fetching cover featuring Crysis 2 and the exclusive news that the upcoming (coming to consoles too) sequel to one of the best-looking PC games ever will be set in my favourite city. I’m quite pleased about this for two reasons. Firstly, Crysis was actually a decent game underneath all the talk of it being so power-hungry. Secondly, New York is the best place to have anything. Fact!

Here’s the cover image, if you want to know more you’ll have to import the magazine. Or find an alternative source for your gaming news, I hear they have this “Internet” thing that’s quite popular…