Sony: Heavy Rain Will Require Multiple Playthroughs

Heavy Rain is all about choice. To get the most out of the game, when it arrives next month, you’re going to need to play through the story (which takes about eight hours) more than just once – and you’ll not only be experiencing the way the story can lead you given the decisions you make, but you’ll also unlock different Trophies depending on your actions.

Sony have told TheSixthAxis today that there’s a reason most of the Trophies in the game are hidden, and this is due to the way the game’s plot ebbs and flows with the conscious choices you make as you play. “They vary for your different choices,” a Sony rep told us this afternoon, “and it would be a bit of a spoiler to know them in advance.”


“You will need to play through multiple times to get them all,” he confirmed, “because different choices result in different Trophies.”