Mass Effect 2 Source Code Shows Potential PS3 Version

Whilst Peter’s locked away in a dark cupboard, forced to play through Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360 for our review, it appears that the game might very well be coming to the PS3 after all.

Lines of code apparently from the source code have surfaced this morning that appear to show hooks to a potential PS3 version.


The lines below look like they’re referring to a message that would pop up when you spend talent points.

m_srSpendTalentPointsMessagePC = 3? 48,753
m_srSpendTalentPointsMessagePS3 =? 348,755
m_srSpendTalentPointsMessageXBox? = 348,754

TheSixthAxis cannot verify that these lines are from anything to do with Mass Effect 2, though, although we’ve no reason to believe they’re unrelated.