DJ Hero 2 This Year

Activision has revealed that it plans to release a follow up to the initially-quite-good-fun but ultimately a bit naff deck simulator DJ Hero.  The sequel, known currently as DJ Hero 2, will be released towards the end of 2010 and will hopefully include more Euro-centric tracks.

Citing a “weakening casual market” Activision CEO Mike Griffith said that sales of music games were down in 2009, although Guitar Hero DLC has shifted over 60 million track downloads.


The sequel, and a new Guitar Hero game, will not see release on the PS2.

In other, but related news, Activision have also confirmed that there’ll be Tony Hawk Ride 2 and a new Spider-man game this year, in addition to the already mentioned Call Of Duty title.  Original IP includes Blur, which will see a multiplayer demo in a couple of months.