“Starhawk” Seen By Sony?

We don’t actually know too much about the Warhawk sequel and what we do know could be written on a Post-It note. Technically we don’t even know what it’s going to be called yet but there is evidence to suggest it’s going to be called Starhawk, so that’s exactly what we’ll be calling it until we’re told otherwise.

Last Autumn thanks to the magic of Twitter we got an all too brief insight into Starhawk’s early development process as the title was about to reach its internal playtesting phase.

It is through Twitter again that we are granted another peak at the stage the game has reached, when SCEE’s Social Media Manager and head of the EU Blog – Jem Alexander tweeted “Hey @DylanJobe, I saw your game today. Looking good! Can’t wait to see more.”

“I saw things today that you will love. When you see them and say “I love this!” I shall say “I know. I told you so.” to which Dylan replied “Glad you liked it!”

Granted this isn’t much to go on but this is the first information we have that the Lightbox Interactive game has been seen by anyone outside of the company and Sony Santa Monica who will presumably be publishing the title.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we get to see some footage from the game… or at least a screenie.