Future Publishing Mags Hit Hard

Future Publishing’s ABC figures have just been revealed, and it’s a downward slide for every magazine in the gaming sector except for Edge, which has actually increased 0.4%.  Official PlayStation Magazine has seen a 12.3% drop, with the Xbox equivalent sinking 16.6%.

Presumable due to the internet (sorry) but I personally like to buy magazines for their layout and writing, not the news.  Edge is a favourite (with a very kind subscription just starting this month) and OPM’s looking better every month.  Still, good job they’re thinking about online content, hey?

Here’s the list:

  • Edge: 29,007 (+0.4%)
  • Games Master: 34,313 (-16.2%)
  • Official Xbox 360 Magazine: 60,834 (-4.8%)
  • OXM: 25,874 (-16.6%)
  • OPM: 47,033 (-12.3%)
  • PSM 3: 21,224 (-19%)
  • PC Zone: 11,357 (-40.3%)
  • PC Gamer: 26,487 (-18.8%)
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 51,271 (-12.8%)
  • N Gamer: 12,499 (-29.8%)

Figures are average monthly circulation over the year.

Future has chosen to run annual ABCs as opposed to monthly ones because “it’s what [their] nearest rival did”.  James Binns, head of publishing said that he “didn’t feel there was a lot of point in spending all that money at that point halfway through the year and doing an ABC, but we maintain the fact that you should be open with your numbers.”