MAG Sells Half A Million

While thanking you all for such a monumental 2009, Jack Tretton also dropped some numbers to hammer home how Sony and the PlayStation brand in particular are performing exceptionally well. Probably the most intriguing of statistics is the news that Zipper Interactive’s audacious 256 PMC grudge-match, MAG, has already clocked up 500,000 in sales. The Shadow War itself has seen 270,000 battles – an unfair share of this amount probably going to SVER.

Continuing with the stat-attack, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is now close to selling three million units, apparently shattering their already “lofty expectations” for the title.


PSN growth is up 155%, with the online service recently registering its 40 millionth customer. We obviously know there are nowhere near 40 million unique people logging on, gaming for free and picking up new content over at the PS Store. In fact, it’s unlikely we’ll ever know just how many unique users are on the PSN (or XBL for that matter), but 40 million is an impressive number regardless, so, kudos to Sony for crossing this particular milestone.