Beyond The Rain: Heavy Rain Laid Bare

heavy rain - beyond the rain

Yesterday TheSixthAxis published its full review of Heavy Rain. It’s entirely spoiler free, so if you want to read up on the game without knowing any of the story, go ahead and read it – you should be fine.  However, writing a review about a game so heavily based around its story was a struggle: many of the things I wanted to point out I couldn’t, for fear of ruining any of the plot or giving anything away.


What follows, then, is a more open discussion on Heavy Rain – its plot, the characters, the controls and what else the game offers apart from the core experience.  It, by definition, will contain mild spoilers [marked like this] but nothing that will give the game away. It’s only fair to mention this so that that those wanting to experience Quantic Dream’s ambitious project ‘clean’ know what’s written on the rest of this page.

But, to re-iterate, I’m not going to reveal any major plot twists or uncover anything I wouldn’t have wanted to know before playing through Heavy Rain, I just want to openly discuss the game.

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