TC’s Massive Poll: PS3 Cross Game Chat

Greetings TSA’ers, welcome to this weeks Massive Poll. It’s a fairly simple question this week as I’m not actually here (I’m locked up in a basement in Bradford) and I am writing this on February 9th and using the TSA Time Microwave to travel forwards to today to post it.

The big question: cross game chat on the PS3. Do you want it? Can you live without it? Do you need it just to shut up annoying Xbox owners who seem to think its Gods gift to gaming? Do you even care?

Certainly a vocal portion of PS3 owners are crying out for this feature, but some (such as myself) really cannot see the appeal of having someone yapping away in your ear whilst you are trying to line up a sniper rifle headshot from 500ft away in Killzone 2. Get voting and check in on Saturday for the Massive Poll Results Show with Holly Willoughby, this week featuring Pixie Lott performing her new single!*

*Subject to change