Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition Unboxed

I have a feeling I’m going to upset a lot of people this way. No matter, I’m sure something else will get me before you people will.  Anyway, many of you are deeply anticipating next week, when you’ll finally be able to pick up Heavy Rain.

Here is a peek at the delightful Collector’s Edition, exclusive to us Europeans.

Along with the game, it includes a code to download the official soundtrack of the game, a dynamic XMB theme which you may have noticed is available for purchase on the store, and also the first Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC, which gives us some backstory on Madison Paige.

The box alone makes the few extra pounds worth it, just look at that Heavy Rain!

Just a note: everyone will get the brown sheet of paper which is to be made into the signature origami used by the Origami Killer (don’t fret, the game will teach you how to transform that paper while it installs). That isn’t exclusive to this edition.

I’m pretty sure that fold-out instruction booklet is Collector’s Edition only, though.

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