Killzone 3 Coming

In a video interview with GTTV, SCEA President and all-round legend, Jack Tretton has promised another instalment to the Killzone franchise. I know, I could hardly believe it myself.

This is not a particularly big surprise but it’s still nice to hear it from the mouth of someone with “Sony” written on their massive (but nowhere near big enough) pay cheques. I’m going to file this one in the box with “Sun will rise tomorrow” and “Bankers like bonuses”. Tretton complimented Guerilla Games on a fine job with Killzone 1 (yeah, kinda) and Killzone 2 (which was definitely more praise-worthy). He also implied that Sony’s E3 2010 will be chock-full of more awesome announcements, 2009 was a big year at E3 for the Japanese giants so if they top it this year it will be a great show. Apparently they’ll “bring the heat”. So that’s nice.


But enough of my sarcasm, everyone loved/still loves a bit of Killzone so what are you hoping for in the third instalment?

For the record, we already covered this ages ago but we’re getting loads of news tips about it so we thought we’d lob it up on the front page again and show you that we know.