How To Get Ahead With GoW III

We all hate bugs in our games, but when they’re good bugs, we’re happy and bounce around like loonies.  So, want to cause chaos in God Of War III from the very beginning?  No problem, because there’s a good bug just for you.

The sequence of instructions below will cause you to have maxed-out stats for all of Kratos’ weapons that he’d normally have at the very end of the game.  Be careful when taking shortcuts, though, as the game can crash if you do.

  1. Beat the game once.
  2. Clear the Challenges of Olympus mode.
  3. In the Combat Arena options screen, set your health to “level 1” and difficulty to “Titan”.  Set up some easily beatable enemies.
  4. Die five times in a row, and the game will ask to switch to “easy” mode.  Say no.
  5. You’ll exit to the main menu.
  6. You’ll now get the “Maxed Out!” Trophy, and you’ll be able to start a New Game from the main menu with all the weapons fully boosted.