PlayTV Facebook Update

It’s diary time again folks, flick towards the back and circle the end of the year, we’re not sure exactly when yet but we do know its towards the end of the year. This is when the PlayTV team have let us know they’ll be launching a major update to the service, although they are already currently testing some of the new features.

Ever the teases, they went on to say they “don’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprise but a little hint to one of the new features is that PlayTV will have links to the worlds most popular social network site, Facebook.” The enhancements don’t stop there, as there will be “other great enhancements to PlayTV and brand new features will also be included in the update”.


Whether these updates will give us everything we desire like; faster startup, enhanced XMB intergration, program reminders, better menus, the ability to watch TV whilst downloading and for me the deal breaker – series link. One thing is for sure though and that’s this particular update won’t enable UK users to view Freeview HD as that would require hardware changes… Perhaps we can hope there’s a PlayTV 2 in the works?

What do you think of the planned Facebook integration although we don’t know what they are yet, but could presumably auto post what programs you’re watching or have set to record, let us know in the comments below what other changes you’d like to see.