Game Heroes: Now With Added Beard writer David Stonecipher (a brilliant name for when he plays RPGs) has argued that as gamers grow older then it is harder for them to identify with the fresh faced teen characters bouncing about their screens.

“Sometimes, older gamers only need a figure that they themselves can identify with,” says David, “Instead of creating entire new franchises that feature fresh, adult-themed characters; the world of gaming can just take its existing superstars and transform them into more mature figures of the industry. There’s no easier way to do this than by slapping a beard on several established characters. 


“Because there’s nothing more mature than a man with a ferret on his chin.”

To illustrate his point he has posted a selection of game characters with added face fuzz. They include Cloud, Link, Master Chief, Pacman (!), Sonic (!!) and Lara Croft (!!!). The version of Mario is a dead ringer for my hubby. Beards rock.

Source: Examiner