Sonic 4 Delayed

SEGA have released a statement announcing that Sonic the Hedgehog 4, episode 1, has been delayed until the latter part of 2010..

With…dedication to quality and the Sonic experience in mind, SEGA has decided to extend the development of the game, and will now release Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I in the latter half of 2010. The additional time will allow the Development Team to focus on ensuring overall high-quality throughout the game by continuing to tune, balance, and maintain the kind of polish that an important title like this demands, and ultimately providing fans with an unrivalled classic Sonic feel.

SEGA have also revealed that as well as releasing across XBLA and PSN, Sonic 4 will also hit the iPhone and iPod Touch via the App Store.


So, while it’s not the news that fans of energentic blue hedgehogs (are there any other kind?) were wanting to hear, it’s good to know that SEGA are taking this newest Sonic title seriously.

Source: SEGA European Blog [via IGN]