Vanquish Trailer Has Robots, Bad Acting

Looks like it’s a hat-trick for GameTrailers. We’ve already posted up their Red Faction: Armageddon first-look trailer, only to be promptly followed by the Crysis 2 E3 snippet. Well, here’s your first look at actual gameplay footage from Platinum Games’ upcoming Vanquish, once again courtesy of the latest edition of GameTrailers TV.

The footage has everything you’d want from a new trailer. Huge robots turning into shrapnel thanks to your relentless arsenal, frantic action as firefights erupt at a moment’s notice. All pumping along to the rousing battle-cries of military and political figures who must be wetting themselves given the opportunity to say things like: “We will be victorious!” Maybe, you know, if we don’t lose. Then we will be dead!


The footage is also peppered with some new story elements interspersed among the chaotic carnage of battle. You’ll see San Fran eviscerated, what looks like Hilary Clinton as the President reacting to “heinous acts,” with Brent Spiner turning up as the token bad guy to confuse things even further. There’s also a marine dude with bad dialogue and silly hair who could be lifted straight off of Pandora.

It looks interesting, with a riveting story that should pan out over an engaging few hours. It had better, the game’s creator Shinji Mikami has already confirmed Vanquish will not feature multiplayer.

Source: GameTrailers