PixelJunk Shooter Goes Online

Looks like Dylan Cuthbert was right when he told us PixelJunk Shooter 2 was a “proper sequel” because the follow-up to the explore-em-up [review: 8/10] will feature an online versus mode that’ll allow two players to battle it out (and will feature voice chat too) in addition to all the other treats.

For the first screens of the new game, click here.

Likewise, the add-on pack for the first PixelJunk game, Racers (2nd Lap) will feature downloadable ghosts, so you can see just how brilliant I am (was) at the game.  Seriously, PixelJunk Racers was proper hardcore, especially if you were going for the high score tables.  Love it.

Source: OPM, via PSNStores via GAF.