GAME Rethinks Xbox 360 Trade In Price

It makes sense financially to trade in your current console when an upgraded version hits the market.  Retailers will normally offer a decent deal to secure your pre-order, and in return you get the latest shiny thing.

Those wanting to trade their old Xbox 360 for the fancy new ‘slim’ one at GAME were left with a bitter taste in their mouth, as the trade in value promised was altered for the worse.

When the new Xbox was announced GAME stated that, for example, the trade in value of an old 60GB Xbox 360 against a new one would be £80.  Less than a week later this was dropped to £60.

Obviously this didn’t go down so well with the consumer, and GAME has had a rethink.  Those who can prove they pre-ordered before the price dropped will have their £80 trade in price honoured.

The new Xbox 360 is being released on July 16th – who’s getting one?

Source: Gamerzines


  1. wow, thats bad, really bad.

  2. I traded my 250gb super elite in last week for £150 cos I thought they would do something like this.

  3. Some of the prices baffle me. £50 trade in for a 20GB 360, but only £60 for a 60GB.

    • That 40GB difference is worth buttons to them (even though MS hard drives are expensive for the 360). Smarts, doesn’t it. :-(

      • expensive, H*** Yeah. Saw one time a 60Gb drive for 100€
        with that price of 70€ you can get a 500Gb drive for ps3.

        I guess this is just ordinary Micro$oft

      • It smarts but Sony were charging the earth for the PS3 at launch too. They have to cover losses somehow (or at least not haemorrhage so much).

    • Well i saw a 250GB HDD on sale for £45 so the 40GB really isn’t worth much

  4. They also said around E3 week..that if you trade in your 120GB Elite, you’ll get the new slim for £99.99.

    They also changed this, meaning consumers who preordered when they stated this price (on a huge poster in the front window) would have to pay MORE when they turn up to pick up there newer console.

    Is this company run by monkeys? I’ll be paying the price i was told when i preordered the slim thanks.

  5. Game are the worst for trade ins. Hmv are massively better, plus you can also trade in for cash instead of store credit.

  6. Thank heavens I dislike boxes…. oh wait

  7. The only way i’m getting an xbox is if they give them away…unless somone wants £20 for

  8. i wanted to get an elite. now there’s only one ugly console. il still be getting one, but im very disapointed that microsoft didnt stick with the higher end and lower end idea.

  9. I would like one as it has the built in wi-fi and what not, but won’t for a long time if I ever do as I find I rarely use my X-Box at the moment unless there is an exclusive I want to play (Gears of War 2 being the last one, so quite some time ago!). I wish I had traded my old one in earlier really!

  10. If none of you have learnt over the last 5 yrs that M$ cant make hardware! More fool you i say! Do the right thing and trade it in for a PS3. We all know deep down its the better console.

    • +1 even if the sentence is abit messy

      Trade your DVD to a Blu-Ray, not the other way

    • Just because the ps3 is the better console doesn’t mean that the 360 is without merit. I have both consoles and although I play my ps3 much more regularly, it’s still good to have the x-box for some of the great games that aren’t on ps3.

    • My first PS3 broke and my PSP broke. Does that mean $on¥ (oh look they are only interested in money because of the dollar and yen sign) can’t make hardware?

      • My 2nd PC broke the other day! So what! On mass production some things will break. Cars, phones, tv’s etc but some companies have worse reputation$ than other$.

      • You are correct in stating that on mass production or any form of production some products will be faulty but both Sony and Microsoft have a failure rate that is unacceptable. Now just because Microsoft have a worse reputation for console failure (perhaps rightly) does not mean that people should do the “right thing” and trade their 360 in for a PS3. The PS3 is probably a better console but XBL is probably better than PSN and as such both systems have their benefits with neither being vastly superior to the other.

        Also, I wish to apologise for the childish nature of my original comment/ response as it was a reaction to the “M$” spelling of Microsoft which I generally read as a fanboyism and I would ask that you refrain from using this in the future. :)

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