Joe Danger Breaks Even

Hello Games’ Joe Danger is a brilliant example of what’s possible with digital downloads, scoring an incredible 9/10 here on TheSixthAxis.  Thankfully, it appears most of you agree with us and splashed the cash on one of the PS3’s best PlayStation Network titles.


That has meant, according to news from Develop, that the game has ‘broken even’, a feat the motorcycle stunt title did at launch, according to Hello Games’ Managing Director Sean Murray.  Joe Danger sold 50,000 copies in its first week on sale when it launched mid-June.

Impressive indeed for a team of just four (rather lovely) people.

Image credit: PlayStation Lifestyle.



  1. Bought this last night and have to say it’s bloody good fun! Can’t believe this was their first project together!

  2. Perhaps they have enough money to develop proper online play as DLC then?

    ps. Great game though guys, thanks

  3. Games dont need to be £40 epic titles to win people over!
    Nicely done Hello Games!

  4. As you can see in the slide it has done better than break even :) it did that in just its first day. Congrats HelloGames!

    • Can we derive what was the investment cost is then…

      £9.99 X 50,000 = £499,500; so lets say people bought it evenly over the 7 days, that would be £71,357.14 on day one. SO, a decent PSN game can be made for around £70-£80,000???

      Can anyone clear that up? would be interesting to see the start up costs for all this, im sure more people would build PSN games if we had a price to factor for.

  5. Whats “100% x 10 ROI”?
    Its a great game, I didnt buy it, won it from TSA and I love it!

    • Return On Investment?

    • Well that means it’s a 1000% Return on Investment, i.e. they’ve more 10 times more than they invested

      • Why would they say 100% x 10 ROI? That’s a terrible way of saying 1000% ROI. I wonder if they mean something else. :-\

      • Perhaps they’re emphasising: we didn’t just get 100% return on investment, we did it ten times over.

    • Ah cool, thanks guys.

  6. Great game and the chaps at Hello Games are really lovely. Looking forward to what they do next.

  7. Was playing it last night. Each and every race is a bit of fun even though I feel like there’s absolutely no cohesion whatsoever. I feel like I’m going through the motions and that my effort could be applied to any random level someone pushes my way. However, each and everytime, I catch myself laughing and enjoying the racing itself.

    Top, top news.

  8. Dont many psn games break even then

  9. Looks great. Waiting for it to be in a special offer in the near future

  10. I haven’t played it yet but wow for a team of 4 that’s amazing.

    I would buy it if I had the chance to…

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