Crysis 2 Dated

Crytek has announced that Crysis 2 will now be released next year on March 22 in North America, and March 25th in Europe.

Originally pencilled in for a release this year, it was later announced the game had been pushed back.  Unfortunately this new date puts it firmly in the sights of some very angry Helghast.  The battle between these two 3D graphical powerhouses is going to be intense!



  1. Killzone for me then definately, especially after playing it at the beta rooms. The latest gameplay video for Crysis 2 really unimpressed me.

  2. I’ll probably be an idiot and buy both… March nearly killed me this year with all the goodness..

    • yeah same. looks like i’m going to have to sell my body again

  3. Killzone … no question.

    I haven’t been remotely impressed with anything Crysis 2 has shown yet, If it wants my cash it’ll have to show some bones because at the moment Killzone 3 is really looking genre defining.

  4. Well that’s saved me £40. Only need Killzone now :D

  5. Since I’ve just forked out for a 3D Panasonic I think I’ll go with both. Need all the 3D goodness I can get.

  6. Killzone 3 will win. Mark my words.

  7. Crysis will still find an audience with 360 only owners.

    I’ll end up with killzone for ps3 (obviously) and if Crysis as a decent multiplayer then i’ll get that on 360. Either way i’m sure i’m getting both.

  8. Both. Obviously :P

  9. KZ for me, ill get crysis if and only if they keep there promise and put effort into the PS3 verson and not port it from 360.

  10. Everyone can buy both. There’s no need to choose. Unless you have four arms, two PS3s, two TVs, etc, you can’t even play them at the same time. Enjoy KZ3, then pick up Crysis 2 when the price tumbles a bit. Job done.

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