New Sonic 4 Details

SEGA may not have graced Gamescom with their presence but it hasn’t stopped them providing a big reveal. Today, SEGA have officially unveiled the Lost Labyrinth for Sonic 4 and just in-case you don’t believe them they have new screenshots to prove it. I can just hear the drowning countdown now, poor Sonic.

Sonic 4 will be released ‘late 2010’ across PSN, Wiiware and XBLA.




  1. Looks good, hope it lives up to the hype when it’s released.

  2. Wob WOB – he’s ok now

  3. ahh sucking air bubbles that appearing from under-sea plants… takes me back! :) im looking forward to this, will be a nice simple game to play on hangover sundays!

  4. I hope this isn’t Sonic the hedgehog + HD…..

  5. I was gutted when they announced this was being delayed. I’ll definitely be buying this though. I love me some old skool sonic :)

  6. Any idea as to wether or not it’s an entire game on release or in episode format ?

    • It looks to me like it’s going to be a self contained remake of Sonic, why its called Sonic 4 I don’t know. Will Sonic 5 be a remake of sonic 2 etc…?

      • Oh NO !!
        That means……..not Sonic Spinball !!

  7. Not to sure about the display in the corner

  8. looking forward to this, I wonder when episode 2 will be out.

  9. Water … sonic’s only weakness

  10. Looks ok, I will probably get it?

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