Teaser Site For ‘Dissidia: Final Fantasy’ Sequel Opens

The original ‘Dissidia: Final Fantasy’ for the PSP was an intriguing beast that attempted to merge RPG mechanics with a fighting game, whilst cramming in truck loads of Final Fantasy characters.  A sequel was recently announced, and now Square Enix has opened a Japanese teaser site for it.

So far we know two of the new characters – Lightning and Kain – and that the game will feature new maps, new BGM, new battle system elements, and an improved communication system.

Source: Square Enix via Andriasang



  1. The original Dissidia was fun so I welcome news of a new one.
    Nice to see they’re concentrating on newer things from the series and I’ll take any excuse to ogle a published screenshot of the rather lovely, evergreen, Lightning.

  2. sweet!

  3. Never played the first. My Psp is totally dead and buried! Seems like an odd mix of genres, though i know it was apparently pretty good. I wonder why they’re sticking with Psp though? I know it must sell well in japan as the Psp is huge over there, but a ps3 version would surely sell handsomely too?

    • I know the PSP needs more lovin’ but I would love number two to be on the PS3.

      • I think its down to cost – a PS3 version may sell well, but cost ten times more to develop than a PSP game.

      • Not like square enix don’t have the money though. Ps3 games retail higher, plus they’ve already done most of the work for Psp, so would just have to port and polish.

  4. Wicked. Loved the first, hard as hell in places if you cant pull off the moves though. Suffered many a hand cramp.

    • Yeah it gets uncomfortable to play for too long a period. I think I must just have gimped hands.

  5. thanks, stan ;). geddit? cool. didn’t play the fist one further than a demo on my brother’s psp. should get ’round to it sometime, being the wannabe final fantasy fanboy that i am.

  6. awesome, loved the first!

  7. i thought they said Sazh would represent FF13… guess not

  8. Oh my fuck. They need to put Zack Fair in, and Vincent Valentine. Lol FF7 is my favorite.

  9. Is it actually a sequel? Everything I’ve seen so far is more pointing towards a Super Street Fighter style expanded re-release, but I hope that isn’t the case. It doesn’t help that SquareE are using their usual meaningless gibberish name generator again to name the game again either.

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