Move: Guide to the First Weekend

We thought we’d give you a day or two to get used to those vibrantly glowing orbs before we told you what your options were. We have, of course, previously given you a fantastic guide to all thing Move and a lovely little launch guide to get you excited for it. It’s Saturday night though, and you’ve probably got mates coming round who are keen to see your new toy. Here’s what you could be showing them:

Launch Titles



Real time strategy control has always been an issue for consoles and Move has the potential to solve that problem. Ubisoft’s latest strategy title seems like it could be a wonderful way to show off just what the Move can do.

Sports Champions

This collection of sports games is the familiar hook for anyone that has a passing understanding of motion controls on consoles. Wii Sports is a clear inspiration but the extra precision and subtlety of control afforded by PlayStation’s magic wand makes this a much more realistic, if slightly less accessible, option. Read our full review here.

Start the Party

Augmented reality mini-games that are sure to make a room full of kids become almost unbearably noisy within about eight seconds. Don’t discount it though, there’s a special kind of joy to be found watching yourself swing a cartoon bat at a swarm of bugs. Read our full review here.

The Shoot

It’s a light-gun-style rail shooter set among a range of movie-inspired scenes. You have to blast your way through levels to impress a director and land another role. Sounds like Duck Hunt for the NES with some extra narrative clipped on. Not a bad thing at all if you ask me.

Kung Fu Rider

Probably the most bizarre inclusion in the launch line-up. Made by the same studio that brought you Ape Escape, the peculiarities are perhaps to be expected. It seems to consist of skidding down a Japanese street on an office chair while the PSEye takes photos of you. We’re not sure, will someone let us know?

Racquet Sports

Another title from Ubisoft, showing the studio’s backing for the new control system is firm. It does exactly what it says on the box. Choose from a variety of racquet sports and take on the AI or a human opponent in another natural fit for motion controllers.


Probably one of the best ways to show the precision of the technology. Tumble is a game in which you stack blocks on top of each other to build a tower. It sounds simple but you have to get the placement just right in order to avoid the sight of your towering erection falling messily to the floor. Read our review here.

Flight Control

Ingenious, compelling, fun and cheap. This is probably the Launch weekend’s must-have title for Move. There’s not a lot that we can say without going back over our gushing review but rest assured that if you buy this you will most likely not regret it.

Patched-in Support

Tiger Wood PGA Tour Golf 2011

Golf and motion control are a perfect fit. The Wii has been doing it for years and Move’s extra precision means that the most realistic simulation of the game can be even more realistic. The patch is available now when you start up the game.


The US release of this was actually held back to go along with Move. It’s such a natural fit for the control system that it will make you wonder why you ever bothered with that magic card thing. The patch is free and available on loading the disc so existing EyePet owners can’t really lose. Read our full review here.

High Velocity Bowling

I thought it was odd that there was no 10-Pin Bowling game included with Sports Champions until I realised that this was available from the PSN. It seems that this has always been there, waiting for motion control support to come along.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

Play Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition as if it was Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. No bad thing if you ask me. This is probably the first implementation of Move with what many will arrogantly consider to be a “proper game” so it will be interesting to see how it goes down with the self-proclaimed “hardcore” while they wait for Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4.

Heavy Rain (Sept 22nd)

Already utilised PlayStation’s older method of motion control, the SixAxis but Move support should make what was already an immersive experience even more intense. The patch is listed as being available for (free) download on the 22nd of September but there’s a demo on the store if you can’t wait that long.

Planet MiniGolf

This had some seriously tricky controls which made it extremely difficult to be precise with. Move could fix all that and make it just feel natural. Everyone loves a bit of minigolf so here’s hoping that swinging your imaginary golf clubs in Planet MiniGolf makes that game finally fulfil its great potential.

Hustle Kings

Shiny balls controlled by glowing balls. Hustle Kings is definitely a competitor for the title of best pool game on the PlayStation and Move support should reinforce that claim. I just hope I don’t have to enact the motions of leaving my 50p on the table and buying the next round when I’m inevitably beaten.

So that’s about it for the first weekend but there’s a lot more coming in the weeks and months after launch. What about you, what did you pick up with your Move controllers? What has been your most fun experience with it so far? What do you plan on getting over the next few weeks?



  1. Psst, it’s Tiger 11 not Tiger 10 ;o)

    Not tried Hustle Kings with it yet, but I got my first ever strike in HVB with the Move, and followed it directly with two more for a turkey!

    • lol. didnt notice that. Im still yet to DL the patch for it. My PS3 is working so hard i feel like i must bring it a cup of tea and a hobnob. poor thing

      • erm, the second “it” is for HVB

      • dammit!! the first “it”!!

      • Are you trying to boost your TSA points Roy?

      • lol Im ashamed of myself for making so many errors. *walks away*

      • lol, gettin points by commentin iz deep, if datz da only way u get pointz.

        daily visits are okay though =P

      • Surely one wouldnt be so…cheeky

    • pah, stupid sports game dates!
      Thanks, fixed ;)

  2. Hustle Kings!!! I didnt know that. I have that. I enjoy it although the AI is stupidly hard. They pull of shots that even real life pros cannot do.

    The patch out for that?

    • Yes it is.

      I was about to buy this, but then i saw the trailer, and by the looks of it, the move implementation looked awful.

      • if sportz champions had online-multiplayer, i would’ve bought it INSTANTLY!

        unfortunately it doesn’t though X(
        hopefully it getz a sequel dat does

      • Iz dere somefing rong wiv your keyboard?

      • Mason the Move implementation is pointless on Hustle Kings, but I can strongly recommend buying the game anyway (with the snooker pack if you like snooker), it is an excellent and well-put together product that any pool or snooker fan should have. Probably the best implementation on PS3 to date, and cheap to boot.

      • Seriously, balram, please try and type properly. I feel my IQ lowering just reading your writing. There’s especially no excuse for using ‘z’ instead of ‘s’, it takes the same time just to type it! You’ll also give bunimomike a heart attack. I’ve typed this on my iPhone and managed to use correct spelling.


  3. RE5 and Heavy Rain are my top picks. Then probably Tumble and Hustle Kings.

    • Apparently RE5’s integration with Move is awful =/

      • Apparently IGN didn’t like it much. I LOVED it with the move. It makes it more precise, and more fun to play too.

      • im not into RE5 Gold edition, coz u can only shoot by stayin still, unlike in KZ3 itz a LOT better

        but tumble iz just EPICNESS!

      • Its apparently just like RE4 Wii controls. Which if so, is certainly no bad thing.

      • Resident Evil 5 is probably my favourite game that ses Move.
        Flight control HD is a very close second!

        -I haven’t played Resident Evil with a dualshock and this is my firts playthrough though so I’m not sure how valid my opinion is.

      • they are shit, whoever thought that the trigger button should be for aim instead of shoot is a right tool…

      • IGN have made it their mission not to like anything to do with Move much if you ask me, so I wouldn’t go off what they say!

        To be honest the Move controls on Resi 5 aren’t great but that is not Move’s fault it is the gameplay mechanics of Resi 5 that are at failt. To be fair once you get used to it – staying still to aim, the Move only being for aim and not camera control, and the left stick swapping movement for camera control in aim mode etc – it does improve the gameplay.

        I hated the demo of Resi 5, and while Move doesn’t address most issues the ability to quickly and accurately get multiple headshots on a screen full of ‘zombies’ makes the game more enjoyable. The AI partner is still annoyingly thick at times though…

        Interestly my accuracy % using Move is significantly higher than it is using the DualShock, make of that what you will…

      • @BLAGGER

        I’ve not played it, but using the Trigger for aim and not shoot seems a pretty fooked up way control method if you ask me.

        TW11 is getting pretty poor to average feedback with Move aswell… So from these early titles it looks like Move is best when the games have been built for Move and its not just a tacked on alternative.

  4. Today I got; a Starter Pack, another Move controller, a nave, Sports Champions, Ruse and a camera…. Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself! :p… Just loading up R.U.S.E now! =D

    • Is the full game of RUSE good? That’s next on my to-get list :)

      • RUSE is great if you can tolerate a slow-moving RTS for the ‘true’ RTS fan. I haven’t played it online yet but I have no doubt it will be tons of fun – the campaign is a bit meh, it takes a while to get going, but the potential is there. Just be prepared to spend several hours per mission/match.

      • im off to see some ruse gameplay, i nvr seen it be4 datz why, i’ve only heard of it, from my palz

      • I really enjoyed the demo at least, so I hope so…

  5. On launch, i got:

    – One Move
    – One Nav

    – Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (Which is brilliant)
    – Flight Control HD (With is quite good, but i prefer playing with just a nav strangely)
    – EyePet (Patch) – Havent tried yet
    – High Velocity Bowling (Patch) – Works well

    and i was having a blast, it’s a brilliant piece of tech, and i can’t go back to DS3 atm. In fact, today i also brought these because i was having too much fun:

    – Sports Champions – BRILLIANT!
    – MAG – Haven’t played it yet, i need to try it in the beta, then wait for the 2.0 patch to come out :)

    I want RUSE too, since the demo was brilliant with that. And me and my brother had lots of fun on Start The Party. This Autumn is going to be very expensive :/

    • out of those, which du u think are da best?

    • Wow, nice! You certainly treated yourself!

    • BRILLIANT! ?? – Sports Champions – EPIC!!
      Seriously, if you have move, £25 is a small price to pay for multiplayer disc golf alone! Bocce, ping pong and the fighting one are fully awesome as well.
      Personally I have RUSE and tumble too. Tumble is a great single player puzzler. Too slow for multiplayer, and only 2p as opposed to Sports Champs 4p. Havent tried RUSE yet. Its great with the pad, but my experience with move so far makes me believe it would be intuitive enough to be as fun with the DS3.

    • I highly recommend RUSE. Finally got round to playing it with move last night (i got it a week ago and held off playing until Move launched) and found it to be excellent! The controls were tight and well defined and the move gestures worked really well – just make sure you properly calibrate it first and don’t have any dodgy lighting in the room! ;-)

      Looking to pick up The Shoot either today or one day in the week. Really enjoyed the demo, although some of the special moves in it didn’t seem to work for me. Guess it just hates me. :-P

  6. Heavy Rain is absolutely ruined by the Move integration, I’m WELL disappointed with it, you are so busy faffing trying to get the bloody thing to work you lose all sense of immersion.

    Hustle Kings I tried last night, it is now less accurate and harder to control, and the lack of buttons is annoying – it just made me want to play it with a regular controller.

    You forgot Flower in the list, though I haven’t tried it yet.

    High Velocity Bowling is much better with the Move.

    Kung Fu Rider is absolutely freaking abymsal, avoid at all costs. Racket Sports is not much better: the characters move for you, no real skill required.

    Flight Control HD I couldn’t get to recognise my Move no matter what I did – any tips? Same for the Beat Sketcher demo.

    So far my top two picks are Sports Champions and Tumble, both of which are really fun, followed by EyePet Move which works much, much better now and I feel inclined to play it properly, plus the Echochrome ii demo. However the latter only uses 2D shadow manipulation so its nothing that couldnt have been done just as well with one analog stick. High Velocity Bowling is also good with the Move. The rest is all generally terrible.

    RUSE is the only thing I haven’t tried yet, planning to look at that tonight.

    • Flower – Patch isn’t out, i think they might have cancelled the move?

      Flight Control HD – Mine syncs perfectly, are you in controller port 7? and is the move the ONLY controller connected to the PS3 at the time?

      Heavy Rain – I found it bad at first, but once i got used to the symbols and what they ment, i loved the demo, and found it better than playing with a DS3

      • I have a BD remote, which always uses port 7. Even if you choose Turn off the controller, then press an arrow key, its still on, so there is no way for me to disconnect everything unless Im expecting to pull out all my USB devices, take the battery out of the remote and then find which port in the hub the PSEye was in and plug it directly into the machine. If the game can’t find the Move when other controllers are plugged in, I really can’t be arsed to play it.

      • hopefully they dnt cancel it, i think it’ll be EPIC with move support!

      • Apparently thatgamecompany never said it was going to be updating Flower with Move support. Someone’s probably guessed it would, and others reported the same without checking.

      • Pretty sure it was on a slide at one of the Sony press conferences.

    • I had no issues with the controller and I have blu ray remote and a keyboard and USB connected

      • Could be any number of things – got my USB keyboard, FragFX mouse, steering wheel, DJ/GH/RB dongles etc. all plugged in. I guess I’ll pull it all apart… I had made it all neat with the USB hub and cables hidden away *sigh*

    • Thanks for the heads up DeathAvenger, I didn’t know that. It wouldn’t really make much difference to Flower but it would be a nice little way to re-push an already great game to those who haven’t experienced it yet.

  7. On Thursday I got:

    2 x Move
    2 x Nav
    Resident evil 5 gold edition
    Flight control HD


    A YLOD!!!

    • u got a YLOD?!?!?! XO

      dat iz sooooo ssaaaadddd!

      • As iz dat way ov typinnnngggg!!!

  8. Right I’m stuck on zone 2 level 4 of Tumble (Tiny Teaser). How do you stack the 3 pieces high enough (the tetris piece, the triangle and the large green wedge)?

    • i aint got da game, but im guessin dat if u put two triangles along side each other, they could form a square/rectangle, try dat =P

      • I wud try dat but deyre diffrunt sizes liek, so dat wunt work.

      • LOLZ

      • lulz dis convo iz well funny ent it

      • If anyone’s wondering:

        1. Place the small blue triangle on the pad with the unsmoothed wooden edge touching the pad.

        2. Place the tetris block upright using the blue triangle as a support.

        3. Place the large green wedge curved-side down, point up, on the tetris block, carefully balancing it so it doesnt roll off.

    • That one wasn’t too hard , but the next one had me stumped for a while – best of luck! ;)

  9. My 2 move controllers still haven’t arrived. :(
    Even worse, I have a copy of Sports Champions and I can’t even play it.

    • Opposite problem here. I went all round town today looking for a copy of Sports Champions and every place was sold out… typically they all have Start the Party. Clearly the early adopters know which are the right games to buy!

      • LMAO! XD
        tooo funny, two problemz, and they’re both EXACTLY da same, just vice versa =P

      • So, not exactly the same then ;)

  10. Erm isn’t MAG getting patched?

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